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Bakeware Wishlist

I’ve been baking a lot lately, much to my family’s amusement. The funny thing is that my baking skills used to be terrible two years ago. I went through a very health-conscious phase where all my baked goods were better for you but taste-less. Along with my lack of technical skills, the healthier recipes I picked out didn’t cut it for the family. They love things saucier, sweeter, creamier, saltier, while I prefer a milder taste. You know your food sucked when it has been on the counter for days.

While I still value a well-balanced diet, I bake with the intent to please now. Desserts and baked goods should be seen as something enjoyable and delicious. I rather make a satisfying chocolate cookie that people rave about than something mediocre. If I’m going to consume sugary calories, it better be worth every bite!

Since I’ve been in the baking rhythm, I have my eyes on novelty bakeware. There are some baking tools I want for practicality and others that I want…just because. How can you say no to a donut baking pan?! We will see how long my self-control lasts.

Bakeware Wishlist

Bakeware Wishlist

1) Giant Donut Cake Pan (The Cake Girls)
2) Donut Cutter
3) Angled Icing Spatula 

4) Icing Smoother
5) Pastry Brush
6) Heart Baking Pan

7) Silicone Bakeware Mat
8) Cooling Rack


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