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What I Made In January

January was a very creative month for me, especially since my New Year’s resolution was to be more active on Mochi Lane. I was motivated to create new content and this led to trying new crafts and resurrecting old ones. I like to identify as a “serial craft hobbyist”, simply because I’m always fascinated and interested in learning a new craft. I’ve gotten into sewing, knitting, latch hooking, pottery, paper mache – you name it. I just love learning new techniques that involve creating something with my hands. Being able to shape raw materials into something physically tangible gives me great satisfaction, even if it turns out a bit wonky!


The best part about having a big family is their big appetites! I swear, my brothers can (and will) eat the portion sizes meant for two people. Their hungry stomaches allow me to try different recipes without worrying about food ending up in the garbage. They’re essentially my human guinea pigs who can eat a lot 🙂

20170110_232927 editImpromptu spaghetti with chicken, ham, broccoli and cilantro


Thick rice noodle stir fry (left) & pesto pasta with beef steak and veggies


My friend taught me how to watercolour and I loved it so much that I bought paint and paper the next day. When I’m interested in a craft, I get REALLY into it. I painted for a few days straight. While my artwork is nothing spectacular, painting was highly therapeutic. Something about focusing my attention entirely on one activity was refreshing in my world of multitasking.

20170116_154222 editThe cartoon We Bare Bears is my favourite show right now. I know it’s a kids show, but these 3 bear brothers are hilarious when they try to integrate into human society. It’s innocent fun!

20170111_210258 editMy first day of painting with watercolour

20170127_105155 edit

Made this Gudetama bookmark using acrylic paint


You might have seen my cat clay charm tutorial already, but you haven’t seen my Ice Bear (We Bare Bears) clay charm. Despite being a little dusty, I think Ice Bear is looking super cute. Now I just need to make his brothers.

20170127_215115 edit

I’ve already made a number of things during the first week of February. Get ready for a long list for February’s What I Made post

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