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Cat Clay Tutorial

I’ve recently picked up clay charm making again. I used to spend countless hours making fruits and cakes when I was a teen. Back when YouTube was still new and Pinterest didn’t exist yet (shows my age), it was difficult to find online tutorials and inspiration. A lot of my creations involved some imagination and improvising, and let’s just say some charms looked better in my head than in person. How things have changed drastically since then!

While I’m not a cat person, I made this cat clay charm and thought it was so cute that I needed to share. I feel like my cat-obsessed friends would enjoy this tutorial 🙂 This charm is easy enough for beginners and quick to make. I decided not to glaze or add key rings to my charms but feel free to!


– Polymer Clay (I used Sculpey brand)
– Acrylic Paint
– Thin Paintbrush
– Pen
– Parchment Paper and/or Aluminum Foil (optional)

Watch the tutorial here:

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