How to Make Gudetama Cupcakes

I love¬†Gudetama and cake, so it just made sense to make Gudetama cupcakes last week. For those who don’t know who Gudetama is, it is Sanrio’s newest character. It’s a lazy egg with the best expressions and sounds. I recommend YouTube-ing what Gudetama sounds like. It sounds so weird that I can’t help but laugh […]

What I Made In January

January was a very creative month for me, especially since my New Year’s resolution was to¬†be more active on Mochi Lane. I was motivated to create new content and this led to trying new crafts and resurrecting old ones. I like to identify as a “serial craft hobbyist”, simply because I’m always fascinated and interested […]

Cat Clay Tutorial

I’ve recently picked up clay charm making again. I used to spend countless hours making fruits and cakes when I was a teen. Back when YouTube was still new and Pinterest didn’t exist yet (shows my age), it was difficult to find online tutorials and inspiration. A lot of my creations involved some imagination and […]