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What I Made In September

Last month I realized that I wasn’t myself over the summer. I had been (and still am) working many hours with some weeks without a day off. I momentarily stopped being my creative self because of work, which is very unusual for me! As a child, I always gravitated toward creative activities, whether it be crafting, doodling, etc., and this creative outlook stayed with me into adulthood.

As a result, I challenged myself in September to create something new each week. The only guideline was that I had to be making and creating an item. It could be a craft, a digital design, a new food recipe or anything else that fit the criteria. Let’s take a look at my creations this month!

Painted pot – I painted this flower pot at a youth program I work at. I was aiming for a cool geometrical pattern but the design ended up looking similar to paper mache art (according to my mom). Still liked how it turned out with the fun colours!

Crochet Headband – I’ve knitted many headbands but this was my first time crocheting one. Love the colour of this final product but it’s slightly too small for my head. I’ll give it to someone instead 🙂

Veggie & Meat Rice Noodle – My grandma has an incredible green thumb and grew these green beans pictured above. Some of her beans were as long as my face! I whipped up this colourful stir fry noodle with char siu, green beans, red peppers, eggs, onion and garlic. Based on my brothers’ second helpings, it was a hit.

Emoji Pillow (unstuffed) – I received an emoji pillow for Christmas and I LOVE IT. I decided to make this emoji pillow with the youth program because emojis are popular with teenagers right now. I also secretly wanted another emoji pillow for myself…perfect excuse to make one, right?

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – I used Coco and Ash‘s recipe but omitted the instant pudding and accidentally added too much oatmeal. Surprisingly, they turned out delicious! I feared that they would be too dry with the excess oatmeal but the empty cookie container says otherwise.

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