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Ice Cream In Japan

Do you know what I’m craving right now? Ice cream.

Despite the downpour of rain in Raincouver (informal nickname of Vancouver because it rains SO much here), I still feel like eating ice cream. I’ve developed a taste for higher quality ice cream after being introduced to Rain or Shine. This little ice cream store is my absolute favourite. You can taste how fresh the ingredients are and they sell some wicked flavours, such as Malted Chocolate Honeycomb and London Fog. My personal favourite is lavender. Surprisingly, I never liked the smell of lavender until I tried lavender ice cream. Yet, I ended up buying a lavender plant in May because it reminded me of the dessert. What can I say, I’m easily persuaded when ice cream is involved.

Since Rain or Shine isn’t close by, I will talk about ice cream in Japan instead. Visiting Japan was my 10 year old’s dream and I was fortunate enough to travel there for 2 weeks in May! My friend and I ate an incredible amount of ice cream and desserts. I have no shame in saying we consumed a minimum of one dessert a day.

TOKYO (Asakusa)

Imagine that you just arrived in Tokyo and then you stumbling upon THIS. There were so many irresistible flavours ranging from black sesame to cookie. Both of us could read some Japanese so we spent a lot of time loudly trying to pronounce the flavours.

I decided on their sakura (cherry blossom) flavour. Quite light tasting, almost sorbet-like. This shop is famous for their melon pan buns. Make sure to check it out!

There was also a Baskin Robbins inside one of the malls. Going to Baskin Robbins was a family tradition as a young child until many of the locations shut down. I was ecstatic to see one in Japan (it seems to be common here) after many years. The cakes were so cute! Japan definitely takes the cake (get it?) for superior presentation of food. While I was too full to try anything, seeing Baskin Robbins gave me a wave of happy nostalgia.




Next notable stop was down Nishiki Market in Kyoto. There was a shop that sold real matcha soft ice cream with matcha mochi on top. I’m drooling as I type this. It had the right amount of bitterness and sweet, and the mochi topping was the perfect addition. As you can tell from the photo, I ate before the camera did.


One of the reasons why we got suckered into buying desserts everyday is due to the incredible displays. There’s no way a sweets lover can resist this!! So. many. parfaits. GASP.

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