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Lukewarm is No Good

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning and found out today is Roald Dahl’s birthday. This year is special because he was born exactly 100 years ago! I vividly remember the square feet women in his book Witches and watching the movie Matilda on repeat. His novels were a part of my childhood. When I stumbled upon this quote by accident on Instagram, it got me thinking.




Right now I’m in a transition period of my life. I just graduated university and I have been fortunate enough to land multiple jobs right after grad. I’ve been enjoying the study-free life and “adulting”, yet I still feel a level of uncertainty of what my future holds. Being a student was stressful but in some ways easier – there was consistency. My schedule was hectic but straight-forward, a school club I was deeply involved with fulfilled my social life, and my motivation to try new experiences was at an all time high.

Ronald Dahl’s quote is so relatable to me because it represents my mentality when I was in university. Now that I am peering in from the outside, I can see why I was driven to pursue different opportunities throughout my 5 years of school. I was an “enthusiast in life”. I studied abroad in England, did co-op, devoted myself to multiple school clubs and actively tried to meet people. I definitely went “full speed”! Because of this mindset, I had a wicked and fulfilling university experience.

As opposed to then, now my life is more unstructured with uncertainty and ambiguity. Ambiguity is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s how you perceive and handle it that matters. This quote arrived on my doorstep at a good time. It’s a reminder that “lukewarm is no good”. I wasn’t lukewarm in university, so why should I be lukewarm as a graduated adult?

That being said, this blog will be my online space where I can share all my enthusiasms of life. If you know me, I have a lot of interests and sometimes my creativity goes wild. Be prepared 🙂

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