Mochi Lane

Bakeware Wishlist

I’ve been baking a lot lately, much to my family’s amusement. The funny thing is that my baking skills used to be terrible two years ago. I went through a very health-conscious phase where all my baked goods were better for you but taste-less. Along with my lack of technical skills, the healthier recipes I picked […]

How to Make Gudetama Cupcakes

I love Gudetama and cake, so it just made sense to make Gudetama cupcakes last week. For those who don’t know who Gudetama is, it is Sanrio’s newest character. It’s a lazy egg with the best expressions and sounds. I recommend YouTube-ing what Gudetama sounds like. It sounds so weird that I can’t help but laugh […]

What I Made In January

January was a very creative month for me, especially since my New Year’s resolution was to be more active on Mochi Lane. I was motivated to create new content and this led to trying new crafts and resurrecting old ones. I like to identify as a “serial craft hobbyist”, simply because I’m always fascinated and interested […]

Cat Clay Tutorial

I’ve recently picked up clay charm making again. I used to spend countless hours making fruits and cakes when I was a teen. Back when YouTube was still new and Pinterest didn’t exist yet (shows my age), it was difficult to find online tutorials and inspiration. A lot of my creations involved some imagination and […]

DIY Felt Envelopes

I made these cute felt envelopes with my youth program in November and they loved it! It’s an easy sewing DIY for beginners. These envelopes are a bit small, but feel free to make it bigger by measuring a bigger piece of fabric. Learn how to make this simple envelope in the video below:

What I Made in December

Happy New Year! December 2016 was packed with lots of creating and making. I was a vendor at a craft fair with only a month notice to create stock, so I was knitting & crocheting non-stop for all of November and December! The event itself was a great success. I sold handmade knit and crochet items, […]

What I Made In September

Last month I realized that I wasn’t myself over the summer. I had been (and still am) working many hours with some weeks without a day off. I momentarily stopped being my creative self because of work, which is very unusual for me! As a child, I always gravitated toward creative activities, whether it be crafting, doodling, […]

Ice Cream In Japan

Do you know what I’m craving right now? Ice cream. Despite the downpour of rain in Raincouver (informal nickname of Vancouver because it rains SO much here), I still feel like eating ice cream. I’ve developed a taste for higher quality ice cream after being introduced to Rain or Shine. This little ice cream store […]

Lukewarm is No Good

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning and found out today is Roald Dahl’s birthday. This year is special because he was born exactly 100 years ago! I vividly remember the square feet women in his book Witches and watching the movie Matilda on repeat. His novels were a part of my childhood. When I stumbled upon this […]